Bichon Frise

Cane Corso Italiano

Number One

The first ones to do it.

We are proudly the first certified Bichon Frise Kennel in Greece!

First Ones to do it

World Class Champions.

Our dogs from both breeds have participated in multiple dog shows, earning multiple Regional and International awards.

Pure Bred Dogs

Pure Bred

All of our dogs are purebred, they are Pedigree Certified. You can even check out their Ancestry trees.

A little bit about us.

Thank you for visiting our website! 7 years ago two completely different yet equally lovable and incredible dog breeds found a home in our kennel. A fluffy white cloud, the Bichon Frise, and a proud guard of the family, the Cane Corso Italiano. Together, we grew, made our first steps in the Dog Show ring, and learned about the grooming scene. You can be the judge of our results!

We provide a full online course for the grooming of the Bichon Frize and the Cane Corso.

For the latest information on our litters and kennel, for any questions and queries you may have and for the full range of Bison Frise and Cane Corso grooming courses we provide, follow our Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok pages!

Choose the right puppy

Choosing the right puppy may sound like a very simple process. Well, it isn't, and we are here to provide you with all the information you will ever need to find the best puppy for you!

One important trait of a healthy puppy is how much energy it has. When visiting a kennel, observe how the puppies play with each other, and ask the breeder to feed them in front of you. All the puppies will most likely run toward their feeding bowls. Should a puppy ignore the presence of food and lay indolently, there is a decent chance that it has a health issue.
Also, try to be very observant with the puppy that you pick. It should have clean eyes, and clean, glossy fur. Its ears should be clean without any excretions, as should its nose and its buttocks. Moreover, the puppy should be well-fed; not overweight, or skinny. Grab a toy and play with the puppy; throw the toy and should the puppy run after it, that means it has great instincts, making any future training easier.
If a puppy runs away at the sight of a stranger and hides, that means it has a weak nervous system; in other words, it's cowardly. You can also test a puppy's psychism by throwing a toy that makes a loud sound near the puppy. If it runs away and hides, again you understand that it is cowardly. If after running away though, it tries to approach the toy, sniff, bite, or play with it, that means the puppy has a stronger character, which means their socialization will be easier and more successful.

We hope to have helped you find the right pup for your family!